Buying Guide - Storage

Storage for your home

The first question to ask yourself before buying storage for your home is; which room do you want the storage for? The answer to this question should lead you on to your 2nd important question which is; what type of furniture do you already have in that room? eg what style is it and what is it made of? Are you looking to change the style of furniture in the room or would you like to buy something different?

Bedroom storage
drawersIf you are looking for storage solutions for a bedroom then the most obvious choice for clothes would be a chest of drawers. These come in a variety of finishes, from natural or varnished wood through to a more modern lacquered finish. Depending on the kind of clothes that you want to store you might want to think about the depth of the drawers, items like underwear will require much less depth than items like jumpers –  it's surprising how much space winter clothes can take up, so be sure to opt a chest of drawers with enough drawers for your needs.

If your space is limited you might want to opt for a 'tall boy' style chest which is taller and slimmer than a standard chest of drawers. Another great option if you are limited on space are under bed storage draws, you can use these for linen and other large items to make use of space in your bedroom that would be otherwise lost. Under bed storage drawers are a relatively cheap option and are often made of plastic of hard backed material, you can buy them in sets and they are also available on wheels so can be easily wheeled out from under the bed when you require the items inside.

Living room storage
Sideboards are the perfect storage solution for a living room; you can buy them to match  your interior colour scheme and if you prefer a minimalist modern look, then there are some beautiful glass cabinets available. If a traditional or shabby chic look is more up your street there are also a wide range in wood finishes. Cabinets are particularly useful if you are looking to store tableware such as glasses and dinner services, many people opt for cabinets with glass doors to show off fancy tableware sets that they keep for special occasions.

If you are a bookworm then a bookcase will be important to you, these also come in useful if you have a large DVD collection. Many bookcases come with doors so that you can hide away the contents to provide a more streamlined, tidy appearance.